The FIBTEX GmbH is a young and dynamic company with production facilities in Oberfranken, Northern Bavaria. Since our foundation in 2007 by Rudolf Schlotter we have collected tremendous know how and expertise in developing new technical fiber and non-woven products. Today we offer cost-effective and smart textile solutions for isolation, fire protection, temperature stability and noise reduction made from on high quality primary and secondary materials. In April 2019 Tristan Schlotter has joined the organization rendering FIBTEX a true 2nd generation family business.





Our identity

We attach great importance to consulting, innovative solutions, customer-specific concepts and service. Our quality management is ISO EN 9001 certified. Next to our central position in Europe, an experienced team of specialists ensures that problems can be handled anytime, precisely and locally. Building on these values and strenghts we have been able to develop several innovative solutions and non-woven products with and for our customers over the years.


Our vision — and promise of quality

We have set ourselves a high goal: Through coordinated and integrated processes we want to make sure that no waste is produced at all—from raw material delivery in the form of fiber scraps to the new product. Fiber and textile leftovers are not lost as waste but returned to the production process while keeping a high product quality. While reducing costs this allows us to offer more sustainable yet technically sound and qualitative products. High levels of process control enable us to align processes ideally among each other and ensure high quality products.


      ❶   Outstanding non-woven fabrics made from mineral fibers

      ❷   Fully integrated production processes from staple fiber to non-woven fabric

      ❸   Closed looped production processes with minimal waste

      ❹   Innovative product developments with multiple layer fabrics